VeraCrypt is installed on the Laptop. VeraCrypt encrypts the hard disk. It decodes the hard disk before Windows starts. There is a problem known to us that Windows places itself before VeraCrypt at startup. Because the disk is still encrypted, Windows can no longer start.

The temporary solution is:

  1. Immediately after turning on the notebook, press the ESC key until ESC ... Pause Startup is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Wait until a screen with multiple options appears
  2. Press F9
  3. Select the Boot From EFI File option and press ENTER
  4. Select NO VULUME LABEL and press ENTER
  5. Select EFI and press ENTER
  6. Select VeraCrypt and press ENTER
  7. Select DcsBoot.efi and press ENTER
  8. The system now asks for a Password, this is the password you always enter to start your laptop (not login to Windows). Windows will now start up.

After this, the hard disk needs to be decrypted and re-encrypted so VeraCrypt starts up again, or we can correct the startup sequence manually.

For this, please contact Code54: +31 493 820045 or